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New products of the week 10.13.14

MyWorkNow is a secure, fast and low-cost client-hosted virtual desktop (CHVD) solution. The CHVD runs locally on the host PC, running completely offline while enabling access to corporate desktops. ... Read More

1E E-Book Addresses Role of BYOPC for Future of Mobile Workforce

LONDON & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--1E, the global leader in IT efficiency software, today announced the release of "Mobilizing Your Workforce – Bring your own PC (BYOPC) without the Risks". The e-book explores the increasing demand for BYOPC, along with best practices and the profound impact that improved BYOPC policies and security measures will have on companies as this movement gains additional traction. ... Read More

1E enables firms to stream virtual desktops to workers to realise BYOD schemes

Software firm 1E is looking to enable enterprise bring your own device schemes with a platform that enables workers to download and run a corporate-managed virtual desktop on a PC or Mac, from anywhere the worker is located. MyWorkNow, set to be available from the end of October, enables users to choose their own Windows desktop or laptop or a Mac system for work purposes, with their business applications running inside a virtual Windows PC instance created by the IT department. ... Read More

System Configuration for Remote Management

Software-based, hardware-independent configuration management tools can help modern day business manage remote upgrades, content delivery and license optimization, while avoiding costly infrastructure improvements to remote locations. For many enterprises today, computers are geographically spread out and much of the workforce mobile, so managing networks and software on systems with traditional administrative techniques and server-client architectures has become outdated. ... Read More

Could Microsoft Finally Be Taking Steps to Fix Product Licensing when Windows 10 Releases?

Anyone that has had to work with Microsoft licensing knows that its licensing structure is difficult to understand and broken. And, to make matters worse, you can get different explanations depending on who you talk to, or which department you reach, at Microsoft. You almost have to have a degree in science to figure out all the nuances of volume licensing. My buddy, Wes Miller (@getwired), with Directions on Microsoft, travels the world helping teach licensing in a two-day Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp. ... Read More

Great Expectations & the Disappointing Reality: How VDI Failed to Meet its Promises

It’s hard to know exactly how many people actually use Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). However, we do know that the total percentage of VDI users in the world is very small, compared with users of physical desktops. Estimates vary, but compared with the 700 million or so enterprise PCs in the world, most analysts put the number of VDI users world-wide at anywhere between 10-15 million (or approximately 2 percent). ... Read More