9 Tips for CIOs as Summer Vacations Hit

Have trouble leaving the office behind when you go on vacation? Here are nine tips to help give CIOs peace of mind when they (and their staff and fellow employees) head out for summer R&R. [...]

Five Things IT Must Learn From the Automotive Industry

There is an overriding problem within the IT sector. It goes beyond challenges like the complexity of IT projects, the growth of BYOD, increased workforce mobility or dealing with legacy systems. The big problem in IT is the high degree of waste. [...]

Windows 7 migrations win out for XP shops

For some organizations, the official end of support for Windows XP raises the question: Should they migrate to a newer operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, or is remaining on XP worth the risk? [...]

End Of Windows XP: Why Late Migration Is Good For Business

Nearly three months on from the official end of support for Windows XP many companies who are still using the legacy operating system are becoming more wary about the security holes they might be exposed to. But they are also very aware of the large customer support charges for extending support beyond XP’s official shelf life. [...]

Still using Windows XP? Time to move, fast!

On 8 April 2014, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. This means that at this point, unless you have a limited (and expensive) extended support contract agreed with Microsoft, your business is no longer protected against emerging vulnerabilities in XP and potential exploits. [...]